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Senior Executive Resume Writing Services that Spell Results

Senior executive resume writing services that are guaranteed to deliver the results you seek.

Unlike resumes written for entry- and mid-level professionals, senior executive resumes tend to be more strategic in nature, and deservedly so. Unfortunately, many resume services rehash writing styles and techniques that were created for mid- and junior-level resumes and the results are often lackluster. How could an approach that was created for the $50,000 job market work for the $100,000+ category. It simply won’t.

If you are a senior executive looking for a top-level, decision-making role, your resume must convincingly reflect your ability to work in a strategic capacity. While strategies related to accomplishments and CAR (Challenges, Accomplishments, and Results) stories apply to all levels of professionals, senior leaders are a different breed when it comes to branding and an aggressive focus on top-level leadership accomplishments.

Not only must the executive-level resume bring out your leadership skills and higher-level experience, the document should also portray your “unique brand” and “value proposition” effectively. How could a resume service employing high school graduates and off-shore writers deliver the level of results senior executives seek?

It is no wonder, we are asked to redo the work produced by many so-called resume writing services.

Here are six reasons why you should consider hiring our senior executive resume writing services:

1. Over sixteen years’ experience working with higher-ups

Many resume writing services outsource their work to subcontractors and, often, offshore resume writers. While the arrangement works very well from a cost-saving and ROI standpoint, the brunt is often borne by customers. Poor resume quality and lackluster verbiage that is completely irrelevant to the US job market are just a few of the many disadvantages of such services.

When you hire us to create a powerful senior executive resume, you can be assured that you will be working a certified resume writer who has substantial experience with senior executive resumes. We offer over sixteen years’ track record of creating high-impact resumes that have driven solid results for the upper echelon of the workforce.

A senior executive resume showcases a unique brand – does your resume accomplish that?

2. Convenient process that revolves around you

We respect your time and mercilessly cut down on the fluff associated with resume writing. Instead of asking you to do all the work, we will work closely with you during a one-on-one phone appointment.

The most crucial element of our senior executive resume process is a phone appointment. We work closely with high-ranked executives and utilize a combination of strategies to uncover the most powerful information. Our approach relies heavily on a phone appointment, during which we spend a substantial amount of time going through the executive’s background in extreme detail.

3. Price advantage

Are you being asked to pay hundreds of dollars simply because a service thinks you have the ability to pay? That’s not how we treat our clients. With, we have the same pricing for all levels of professionals. That said, our approach and the writing talent is not the same at all levels. Our senior executive clients will work with an exclusive team of senior executive resume writers.

The same affordable packages, but a higher level of service — that is what our competitors simply cannot claim to offer. You can review our packages and pricing by clicking on the following link:

Senior Executive Resume Writing Service – Prices

4. We understand your work

Imagine the level of frustration when you try to explain a high school graduate about how you turned-around an operation or strategically overhauled internal processes so that your organization could achieve a sustainable advantage.

At, our executive-level professional resume writers understand every aspect of your work. There is a reason for this. Not only do our writers work exclusively with senior executives, they have held leadership roles in their careers as well. Only one leader can understand another, isn’t it?

5. Writers with graduate degrees

Your resume is the very first impression you will make and at a senior executive level, a lot is at stake. Wouldn’t you want well-crafted resume language that is dressed to impress? Writing quality is everything on a resume and at a senior executive level, top-level writing can make all the difference.

It is for this reason, we hire writers who are well-equipped with graduate degrees. It is our writing talent that helps us stand apart from the crowd of me-too resume writers. Don’t let a poorly-crafted resume destroy a career you worked so hard to build.

6. The LinkedIn (R) Advantage

LinkedIn (R) has become a very powerful player in the employment market, especially so in the senior executive category. Our executives can take advantage of our senior executive LinkedIn Profile writing services. Not only can we create a  powerful resume for you, we can also craft persuasive LinkedIn profiles that will help you stand out from the crowd.