Online Resume Writing Service – How to Choose One that Gets Results

When it comes to an online resume writing service, there are so many misleading options. The ease of starting a resume service has tempted many a novice to foray into a serious profession they know nothing about. From high school students venturing as part time writers to offshore resume writers, one can find countless self-claimed professionals with shops all over the web.

“How hard could it be? I know a little grammar and I helped my cousin Winnie write her resume. I decided that resume writing was my calling and ventured into opening this business.” If this is what you read on your resume writer’s website, please run — very far! Seriously, why would someone risk their career success on the scrawny shoulders of a novice who perceives good grammar to be the end-all of a good resume? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Don’t get me wrong. Good grammar is extremely important, but that is not the “gold standard” for a resume, nor is it the sole determiner of career success. In addition to stellar writing quality, a powerful resume accomplishes many important things such as differentiating a candidate from the ginormous pile of applicants and presenting a distinct value proposition that would convince a hiring manager that the individual being reviewed is the perfect solution for their company’s goals.

We have been in business since the year 2000 and during this time we have heard from thousands of clients. Many came to us after their resume was irreversibly botched by an online resume writing service that was formed six long days ago. There is a reason why such companies disappear before their first annual corporate tax returns are filed. Sadly, they drag not only your money, but also your dreams in their bankruptcy file. In our business, longevity is directly proportional to the quality of work being delivered and it is quality and results that have kept us in business for so long.

We would wholeheartedly recommend our online resume writing service,, to you, but if you wish to continue shopping and researching, here are some ideas to consider when evaluating a service.

Credentials and certifications

Many associations certify writers in our industry, but there are some that are more well-established than others. First, verify whether the online resume writing company is actually certified by a recognized industry association. It is not that hard to Photoshop a certification on your website so don’t be convinced by the logo you see on the writer’s website. Visit the association and check their member directory to verify the writer’s credentials.

We are proudly certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, perhaps the oldest and most recognized association in our industry. PARW/CC has awarded us with the prestigious certification of a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Resume samples

Check whether the writer actually showcases at least one sample on the website. While your resume may (or may not) look like the sample displayed, it will at least give you a starting point to judge the company’s writing quality. If samples are not provided, it will be difficult for you to ascertain the organization’s style, format, and quality.

You can review a few samples we have on our website. Our writing style evolves constantly and we invest a lot of time and research to improve our quality. Nevertheless, these resume samples will give you a starting point in your research.

Can you speak with the writer?

Of what good is all the information on the website if you cannot speak to your resume writer directly? If the company does not display its phone number, you will be dealing with someone hiding behind an e-mail throughout the process.

We welcome you to call our toll free number and speak to a Certified Professional Resume Writer directly. No agents or firewalls between you and your writer. Here’s our toll free number: 1.888.873.7863.

Does the process include a phone appointment?

Say, you found a better deal than us. We take great pride in offering the industry’s best resume writing package, but let us assume you found something better on another planet. Verify whether a phone appointment is part of the process.

We spend a lot of time “digging” into the right information and collaborating one-on-one with our clients to find powerful information from their career history. Without the phone appointment, your resume is essentially going to be an edit of your current resume.

That is not the case with us. We will rewrite your cv from ground up and we do provide a free phone appointment with every package. The conversation allows us to find the best information from your career. We use our in-house process and powerful questions to extract information you will probably overlook.

Is there a guarantee?

If a company does not guarantee its work, then a confidence check is in order. After spending so much time and money with the professional, if you are not guaranteed interviews then you are simply not getting the best value for your investment.

We guarantee job interviews and if you are not receiving interviews, we will revise your resume at no extra cost to you.

What about revisions?

So, you pay a hefty price for the online resume writing service and receive a document that butchers your career history. Now, what do you do? You write to your company ask for revisions. You receive a surprise — there is a “hidden fee” for revisions or you can only request revisions a certain number of times.

No gimmicks with our service. We are very generous with revisions and allow you to request an unlimited number of revisions for a period of thirty days (from the time you receive the first draft). Isn’t that plenty? As long as you are not changing the career focus, you can request as many revisions as you like.

What could be simpler? With, you receive unlimited revisions for a period of thirty days.

What about add-ons? You will need them, trust us!

After you interview with your dream employer, you need to send them a thank you letter. An extra fee for that. And, yes, you do need an ASCII file to post your resume online. Add an extra $35. Reference list — sure, an extra $20. PDF and Word files? Extra $20. What?

Not with us. With every package, you receive nearly $70 in free add-ons. You will your resume in three formats (PDF, ASCII, Word), free thank you letter, and reference list. All of this is included at no extra cost.

Writer qualifications

Now, this is an area where we are completely unmatched. Professionally-certified writers with multiple graduate degrees.


A good way to gauge the reputation of the company is by finding out whether the career advice being offered by the company is published by reputed blogs and websites.

We have published on CIO, Biospace, The New York Times Blog, Forbes, and many other A-list avenues.

What about experiences of other clients?

You can visit our testimonials page to find out what our previous clients have experienced. Honest, unbiased comments from our previous clients will help you evaluate whether our service is a good match for your needs. Click here to read feedback from past clients.

You receive more than what you pay for

Not only is our resume writing service the best deal online, you will receive top quality, unmatched work that will position you as a good candidate. Our prices are affordable and our customer service is absolutely fanatical. We go the extra mile for our clients and do everything within our power to make a difference. Do check out our prices and feel free to initiate the process here.

Does the company have a process?

What, we hear you ask? Our competitors ask the same question as well. If you cannot devise a process that improves quality, how can you improve career prospects for your clients? After having served tens of thousands of clients, we have devised a reliable process that enables us to deliver quality work at affordable prices.

Every resume we write goes through a comprehensive, six-step writing and editing process with constant quality checks and enhancements.

What if you want to take us for a test drive?

Not offered by many resume services.

You are welcome to do so with us, though. Check out our samples and don’t hesitate to request a free evaluation online. We will gladly provide you with a report that details our resume writing strategies and our process in further detail.

Free initial phone consultation

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free initial phone consultation. We can address your questions, discuss specific issues related to your career, brainstorm strategies, and schedule a phone appointment (that will take place once you initiate the order process).

Have more questions or need additional help about our online resume writing service, please feel free to call us at 1.888.873.7863 or review our offerings at

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