Top Rated Resume Writing Services

Our top rated resume writing services are bound to be one of the best allies for any serious-minded job seeker. While many resume services out there claim to be in the upper echelon of the industry chain, the truth is that not many can actually live up to these bold and unverified statements.

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Top Rated Resume Writing Services

Before we get into some serious criteria about choosing a resume service, did you know that anyone—literally anyone—can call themselves a resume writer? Unlike a doctor, lawyer, or other licensed professional, there is no regulatory body or licensing authority that provides meticulous oversight to resume writers. A simple google search for the term “resume writers” generated 95,600,000 results on the day this article was written. Thousands of resume writing services exist in US alone and the number from overseas is astonishingly high. From high school students wanting to make an extra buck to part time workers who want to supplement their monthly pay checks, there is no dearth of well-meaning writers who claim to be resume experts. Considering the fact that resume writing companies can charge upwards of hundreds of dollars, it is very important that you make an informed decision to find top rated resume writing services.

Let us review some criteria that will enable you to determine whether a resume writing service does actually live up to its high-ended claims.


Are they certified?

Top rated resume writing services must be certified by an unbiased, neutral organizations. Of course, there are plenty of institutions online that make bold claims of being authorities when it comes to developing, training, and certifying resume writers. The resume writing industry per se is unregulated and it is not very difficult for someone with—or without—basic writing skills to setup shop and offer resume writing services to the public.

The Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) is one of the oldest organizations that evaluates and certifies resume writers. Resume writers who want to add the CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) designation to their name, must go through a rigorous test that assesses a writer’s understanding of the resume writing process, keywords, and other criteria. When we were certified (CPRW) by PARW/CC, there was also a peer-reviewed assessment to ensure that we outperformed industry-wide standards and resume writers at did score very high on the scale. There are many other associations that certify resume writers but PARW/CC remains one of the oldest and most trusted certifying authorities in the industry.

Quality of the resume

Sometimes, even the most reputed resume writing companies fail the quality test. A constantly-changing pool of resume writers implies that there is no guarantee about the level of consistency (in terms of quality). There are many ways in which you can find out the quality of resumes created by the company. Review samples on their website, seek out recommendations from family and friends, speak to the company’s management and the writer you may potentially work with, go through unbiased online reviews and recommendations from past customers … seriously, the success of your job search campaign depends on several factors and resume quality is one of them. Take your time to conduct due diligence to ensure you are working with the right service.

We welcome you to call our toll free number and speak to a Certified Professional Resume Writer directly. No agents or firewalls between you and your writer. Here’s our toll free number: 1.888.873.7863.

Is a phone appointment available?

Our experts at believe that in order to write an effective resume, we must go beyond just editing and regurgitating content provided to us by our clients. We believe that we must actually speak to the candidate and spend a good deal of time to dig into the client’s background and find out the most promising accomplishments. This allows us to create new content as opposed to just refurbishing what was already provided by the client. Without this phase of discovery and due diligence, any effort to write a resume will be a mere polish and will fail to do adequate justice to a client’s background.

While evaluating resume writing services, find out whether the company offers a phone appointment with every order. You absolutely deserve the opportunity to speak with your resume writer and brainstorm content strategies.

With, the phone appointment is the most crucial stage in the information gathering process as it helps us generate powerful “resume material”. Without this extremely crucial step, any attempt to write a resume will be nothing more than a glorified edit and we pride ourselves in going way beyond that.

One-on-one access to your writer

Resume writing is a collaborative process wherein the writer and the client collectively brainstorm effective, persuasive strategies to present the candidate. A resume cannot standout unless both parties have contributed toward the writing and editing process and a full, one-on-one access to your resume writer is absolutely indispensable. We understand this and our resume writing process offers you unrestricted one-on-one access to a Certified Professional Resume Writer who will collaborate, brainstorm, and work with you to deliver the best possible outcome. Every top rated resume writing service must offer this unhindered access to its pool of resume writers. In addition to generating powerful content, a collaborative mechanism provides a robust platform for brainstorming strategies and creating powerful plans to mitigate the effect of red flags and other stumbling blocks that may be presented by the candidate’s background.

Consider the example of a client we worked with. He was a high school teacher who wanted to transition to a pharmaceutical sales position. An average resume writer would have simply presented the individual’s teaching credentials and at the most his presentation skills. We didn’t do that. We spoke to the teacher for an hour and asked question after question until we uncovered some hidden gems in his career. He had organized events at his school, participated in fundraisers, and undertaken a number of projects that allowed us to showcase his “transferable skills.” Once his powerful resume was ready, there was no stopping. Within a few months, he went from his teaching position to that of a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Does the resume writing company subcontract?

Unfortunately, many resume shops outsource their resume writing to writers (within US or overseas) and this not only creates quality issues, it also restricts access to the writer and it is quite possible that you may not be able to communicate with the writer who actually wrote your resume. While subcontracting is not necessarily bad, it does pose its own share of problems.

First, let’s talk about overseas writers. Even if a writer in a foreign destination is an adept wordsmith, it is not necessary that she or he may understand local market conditions and demands posed by local employers. There are cultural nuances in every marketplace and what works in one country may not necessarily be sage advice in another.

Second, even with domestic subcontractors, there is limited stability and a lack of full time commitment. The subcontractor is provided minimal training and is often paid a very small amount of the company’s sale. This could pose problems with motivation and the number of hours a resume writer may be willing to commit toward your project. Imagine a writer who gets paid $25 to work on your resume (even if you may have shelled out hundreds of dollars for the service). How much time could the writer commit toward your project? An hour? Two?

At, we do not follow this subcontractor approach and it is not unusual for our writers to spend ten to twelve hours on certain resume writing projects. Our phone appointment itself could be an hour or more.

Third, if a company relies on subcontract writers there is no guarantee you will receive the same quality as a previous customer. In other words, there is no consistency or predictability as far as the standard of work is concerned. One subcontractor may perform outstanding work while another may be content with average quality.

We have eliminated these problems altogether and our top rated resume writing services makes every effort to complete all projects in-house, at our corporate headquarters in New York. We absolutely do no rely on an external pool of subcontractors nor do we ship out our work to overseas writers.

It is our unwavering commitment to our clients and our undivided loyalty to work in their best interests that has allowed us to make great strides and outperform benchmarks for almost two decades.

Know thy writer

While you are researching top rated resume writing companies, one of the first questions you must ask is whether you will know your writer before-hand and whether you will have the opportunity to switch the writer if you are not comfortable.

There are a few things that will differentiate a good resume writer from a mediocre one. A good resume writer will have outstanding academic qualifications and substantial work experience (to understand employment dynamics). Moreover, a top resume writer will have a solid understanding of the keywords and phrases used more commonly within your profession of choices. It is absolutely imperative that you know your writer before you begin the project.

Lifespan has been in business for nearly two decades and during this time we have seen resume writing services come and go. Very few survived beyond a few years and most vanished just as quickly as they appeared in the market. While looking for top rated resume writing services, find out how long the company has been in business. More often than not, you will be able to find this information from the “Who Is” database (if the company has been online), BBB ratings, published articles and posts, business registration documents, and various other public records.

While longevity alone is not the criteria for judging the quality of resume writing services, it does provide a glimpse into the stability of the company. The longer a company has been in existence, the more third party material you can find about the company. Reviews, publications, ratings, complaints …


Many resume writing services display testimonials from past customers. This is good as you can review what prior customers had to say about the company, but do consider these reviews with abundant caution. It is not that difficult to put up a testimonial on a company’s website. Another consideration is that no company will knowingly place negative feedback on their website. Don’t dismiss testimonials completely, though.

Testimonials from satisfied customers provide some insights about a company’s past performance, and while reviewing the quotes check if the past customer’s full name is provided vis-à-vis initials (such as AB). Dig a little deeper on the web and you may be able to find someone who can introduce you to the past customer. This will allow you to conduct your own due diligence and not rely merely on what is posted on the company’s website. Sure, this level of research does take time but if you are reading this article till here, you are probably very serious about your job search and about finding top rated resume writing services.

Reviews and ratings

Independent, unbiased reviews and ratings are a gem, but just as any precious stone, you will have to mine through a glut of completely useless ones. Many customers will post their own reviews and ratings on forums such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and others. These are helpful as they will help you understand what actual customers had to say about the resume service you are looking at. Do practice caution, though.

Some companies hire fake reviewers to bolster their reputation and, in the interest of fairness, there will always be an unreasonable customer who will post the most venomous review possible despite the fact that the company outperformed reasonable expectations. Actually, a few negative reviews are a good thing as long as every review out there is not negative. Good companies will learn from their mistakes and will not repeat the same mistakes again.

Apart from forums such as Google Reviews, there are also independent companies that offer reviews either on their website or blog or on video sharing sites such as YouTube. Some of these are genuine but there are also “feel good” reviews out there that are posted by companies receiving a commission for referring sales to the resume writing service. Many genuine sites will post a disclaimer stating the facts as they are and highlighting the revenue share agreement, if any.

How much does the resume service understand your profession and your industry?

Do you know what happens to your resume once you submit it on a job board or on a company’s website? It is stored in a humongous database in the company of resumes submitted by your top competition. Every time a hiring manager makes a request for a resume, the system spins out resumes matching the manager’s search criteria and unless the resume is adequately covering these vital keywords, chances are that your resume may never show up in the search. It will probably be eternally dismissed to a resume blackhole.

In addition to the keywords, your resume writer should adequately understand your profession’s needs and cover them on the resume. While you are researching top rated resume writing services, don’t hesitate to ask questions that will bring out the resume writing company’s knowledge about your specific industry and profession.

Resume formats

Don’t fall for fancy resume formats and designs. Sure, these look wonderful on paper and make a solid first impression but chances are that the HR screener may never see this fancy formatting. Why? Most resumes are stored in corporate Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and a large majority of these systems store simple ASCII formats (sorry for the bad news).

Ask the resume writing company if you will be receiving an ASCII version of your resume along with the beautifully-formatted showpiece. At, we offer free ASCII formats with every resume we create. In addition to the ASCII file, you will also receive beautifully-designed, free Word and PDF versions of your resume. We like to give you the best of both worlds, essentially.

Does the resume writing service use templates?

Cookie-cutter resume templates are the worst thing that could happen to any serious job seeker. Essentially, a template is a pre-built Word file that is used over and over again, irrespective of the job seeker’s background and individual needs. At, every resume is a custom job. We absolutely do not ever use templates. Every resume is written and designed from ground up and this attention to detail is one of the major reasons behind our success. No two career backgrounds are alike and, neither should two resumes.

In fact, we use a highly-customized and internally-developed six-step resume writing and editing process.

Complaints and BBB ratings

From social media to complaint boards, there are plenty of avenues for dissatisfied customers to vent their frustrations about poorly-delivered resume writing services. If you are looking for top rated resume writing services, you will probably find a handful of complaints on these boards and no more. It is not possible to have a totally complaint-free company and that would be an unrealistic expectation but as long as the company has been around for a number of years and the number of complaints is reasonably low and the comments are not overly concerning, it should be a good indication of the company’s reliability and reputation.

In addition to complaint boards, the Better Business Bureau publishes ratings about individual resume writing services. While not having a file on BBB is not such a bad thing, if you notice too many complaints on BBB, it should be a factor for consideration.

Authoritative advice

The more reputed a company is, the more likely it is that other companies and sites will likely publish, republish, or quote the advice provided by the resume service. For example, our resume writing service has been featured on top job boards and A-list media publications, including the New York Times Blog.

Publication of career/resume advice on various job boards provides some indication that the resume writing service enjoys some credence with third party, authoritative publications. After all, why would a reputed publication stake its credibility by publishing advice offered by rookie resume professionals?

Revisions policy

What happens once you receive the resume? Are you stuck with the imagination of your resume writer or will you have the ability to provide inputs and request reasonable changes? Some resume writing services will restrict the number of revisions while others will provide an unreasonably short timeframe within which you can request a certain number of revisions. Hopefully, the service will provide these details upfront and not pull off surprises after you have paid your hard-earned money.

We like to consider ourselves to be among the top rated resume writing services out there and our client-centric orientation works to your advantage. You can request unlimited revisions for a period of thirty (30) days. Yes, that’s right. We are probably the only company (or amongst a few at the most) to offer such a liberal revision policy.

Our generous revision policy ensures that the customer is not stuck with our work without recourse. Customers have plenty of time to add or eliminate content, suggest corrections, and request changes.

Customer service

Of what good is a resume preparation company if it does not respect its customers? The best way to get a feel for the level of service provided by the company is to call them and discuss a list of questions. If your questions are addressed to your satisfaction, if your calls are answered within reasonable time, and you are provided an adequate amount of respect that a customer deserves … these are indications of a client-centric company. A strong service orientation alone is not enough. Outstanding customer service, expert resume writing skills, proven experience in resume writing, and demonstrated excellence in delivering resumes … all of these are critical criteria that will help top rated resume writing services stand out from the competition.

Affordable prices

Of what use is a good resume writing service if it is unaffordable. Top rated resume writing services will clearly post their prices and will not use gimmicks to lure you into a purchase. We believe that our prices are fair and very affordable. You can review our prices here.

We welcome you to call our toll free number and speak to a Certified Professional Resume Writer directly. No agents or firewalls between you and your writer. Here’s our toll free number: 1.888.873.7863.