Best Affordable Resume Writing Services

Are you looking for the best affordable resume writing services? Searching for “the best” and the “most affordable” resume services may sound like a quest for two seemingly disparate objectives, and one may sound like the antithesis of the other, but the truth is that there are resume writing services, such as, that offer the best of both worlds: unbelievably affordable prices and world class resume writing skills.

Best Affordable Resume Writing Services
We keep our cost drivers low

There are several ways to keep resume writing costs at affordable levels, and we will briefly explain how we attained the stature of being one of the best affordable resume writing services in the market. There are really two proven ways to drive profits higher. One, of course, is to charge more but the second and more practical way to do so is to cut on fluff and unnecessary expenses and thereby keep consumer costs at affordable levels.

We consciously chose to follow the second route and remained so committed and passionate about quality that our unwavering commitment resulted in substantial referrals and that in turn cut our marketing expenses dramatically. We advertise on a shoe string budget and remain obsessive with providing world class quality resumes that help job seekers achieve their career goals quickly.

Since the past two decades, we have consistently delivered over 90% success rate and our performance has, unquestionably, helped us carve a strong reputation in the careers industry.

We use super-smart, guerilla marketing strategies to ensure our cost of marketing and our overheads are very low. We generously pass along these savings to our clients.

Affordable solutions for every need

Instead of charging per hour or on the basis of the number of years’ experience, we charge flat rates for every order. As of now, we have three levels of packages and you can review pricing of our best affordable resume writing services. The number of hours and the strategies we use are customized for every single project, but the prices remain the same whether you are an entry level student or the CEO of a multi-billion dollar global conglomerate.

Over $70 in value-added bonuses

In addition to already-low prices, with every package you will receive over $70 in free bonuses. With every order, you will receive a free phone consultation up to an hour, free formats (Word, PDF, and ASCII), free thank you letter, free reference list, and unlimited revisions up to a period of thirty days from the time we send the first draft.

Why we are better than the most expensive resume writing services and the cheapest ones out there

We don’t compromise on quality but do remain content with profits. We believe profits should be a result of smart marketing and efficiency-driven processes. We don’t believe that overcharging customers is the only way to make profits; instead, we focus on constantly optimizing our internal systems, cost drivers, and marketing strategies to ensure we can sustain our ship. This is the secret behind our success for almost two decades.

Despite being one of the best affordable resume writing services in the industry, we offer unparalleled quality and an unwavering commitment to client success. Not only do we write powerful resumes, our career advice has been featured across top job boards and A-list media sites, including The New York Times Blog, Forbes, CIO, BioSpace, and so thousands more.

Moreover, we do not subcontract our work to writers in different countries. All work is done in-house at our corporate headquarters in New York.

Sure, there are lower-priced resume writing services but they offer just that: low prices. There is absolutely no concept of quality. With us, though, it is different. Our prices are affordable and our resume quality is world class. Essentially, we offer the best of both worlds.

In house pool of US-based writers makes us one of the best affordable resume writing services

The resume writing business is a beast. So many people get into this business after having helped a few family members and friends with their resumes and so they think they have it all to make it big in this business. Well, after having survived over two decades in this cut-throat business we are convinced that the truth is not what it seems to be. This is a very difficult business where our longevity is based on results. Short cuts reap quick profits but they come at the cost of longevity.

One of the reasons we have survived so long and are considered one of the best affordable resume writing services is because we do not resort to shortcuts. Every resume we create is a custom job and our writers are handpicked from a pull of qualified US writers. We absolutely do not subcontract, neither within the US or outside. We hire writers with graduate degrees and experience  in a variety of industries. Many resume services try to hire writers outside the US and while this strategy may result in short term gains, it comes at the cost of client success.

We absolutely do not ever recruit writers from overseas. It is very important for us that our clients work with certified professional resume writers who understand the US market effectively.