Free Resume Critique Service Online

If you are looking for a free resume critique service online, you have come to the right place. While we will be more than happy to offer you a free resume critique, there are a few things you must be aware of before you request our no-obligation resume review. You can always submit your resume for a free, no obligation critique and evaluation at For your benefit, however, we have outlined a few commonly asked questions about our free resume review process.

How to request a free resume critique service online

There are two ways to request a free resume critique online. First, simply e-mail your resume to Please ensure you mention Free Resume Critique in the subject line. Second, you may upload your resume through our web-based form and request a free resume critique. You are welcome to call us if you have any questions or concerns about the free resume review process. Our toll free number is 1.888.873.7863. In summary, here’s how you can request your free resume critique:

1.      Email your resume to or

2.      Upload your resume on our web-based form at or

3.      Call us at 1.888.873.7863.

What does a free resume critique service online provide?

We review tens of thousands of resumes every year and we find there are several issues that are common to most job seekers. When we audit your resume through our free resume critique service, we will look for those common areas and pinpoint them along with suggestions for improving on those areas. For example, are you still using old-school objectives? Does your resume have an optimal ratio of job duties to accomplishments? Unless this ratio is right, your resume will not produce the results you seek.

How thorough is the free resume critique?

We try our best to go through some basic pitfalls and also provide strategies you can adapt to correct the resume yourself. However, we don’t believe a free resume critique service online can pinpoint every single area of improvement. We strongly believe that you should use a professional resume writing service to help you overcome some stumbling blocks and stand apart from the crowd of thousands of applicants. That said, our resume critique service will offer you a launchpad to embark from. Once you submit your resume, our certified professional resume writers will evaluate your resume and send you a free resume evaluation report in PDF format.

Will you offer suggestions to improve my resume?

Our resume writing process involves a comprehensive phone interview during which we spend nearly an hour to gather information about our clients’ backgrounds and achievements. There is a substantial exchange of information that helps us formulate powerful strategies to present our clients and overcome career-breaking red flags. A resume review such as the one offered by our free resume critique service online does not afford this opportunity to collaborate with clients and so we cannot offer all the suggestions we would like to, but we will offer suggestions following every area of improvement identified on the resume review report.

Can I request another resume critique once I implement the changes you suggest?

At this time, we are able to offer just one free resume critique per person. While we would love to accommodate additional revisions, we have limited resources to allocate to a free service and for the moment, just one critique and resume review per person.

What if I want to purchase your resume writing service after a free resume critique?

We would love to assist you with a complete resume overhaul. Once you have read our report, you can call us to schedule a free consultation or you can place the resume order on our website. Once you place an order, our certified professional resume writers will contact you to schedule the phone appointment and take the process further.

How much does it cost?

Zilch. Nada. Zero. The resume critique doesn’t cost a dime. It is absolutely free. You can initiate process on our resume writing service website or by emailing us at

What are the qualifications of those who will critique my resume?

Isn’t that the million dollar question? Generally, when you request a resume critique, individuals with irrelevant qualifications will critique your resume at other firms. In fact, the biggest qualification they would have would be selling skills. Some resume companies have individuals on their payroll for the very purpose of making you feel so bad about your resume, you would end up purchasing their services.

That’s not how it works with us. Only Certified Professional Resume Writers will critique your resume at no cost to you. We will surely offer to redo your resume for a price, but that would not be our motivation when we provide you with a free resume critique.

How long does it take to critique my resume?

It depends on the number of pending requests at any given point of time, but an average would be between twenty-four to forty-eight hours. That’s generally how much time it takes for us to critique your resume.

What else do you offer for free?

Free consultation. You can pick up the phone and call us anytime to ask questions about our resume service and our process and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase from us. Please feel free to call us at 1.888.873.7863 or write to us at

Is there a catch? Some fine print?

You are not obligated to purchase our services. We do ask, however, that you respect the intellectual property and avoid sharing the resume evaluation report.

Please do contact us. We look forward to serving you, today. Toll Free: 1.888.873.7863.