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job resume - what do our clients say about our resume writing services?

"I just accepted a supervising producer staff job at E! Entertainment News! How about that? It was my first resume I sent out and I got the interview and now I have the job. Not too shabby!"
Best, - Amy Harvey, CA

"Just wanted to let you know that I accepted an offer from a HUGE Advertising Agency!! Today was my first day....After you updated my resume I had gone for 4 interviews and was offered three jobs (the 4th one I didn't follow up much, else would have got that offer as well). It was a dream to work for such a huge Advertising Agency. I also got a 40 % bump in my salary." - Jay Jivani, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that I sent out my job resume and cover letter on August 1st and I got 3 interview calls on August 5th. I was offered 2 jobs on August 6th and had to turn down the 3rd Interview because I accepted one of the jobs I interviewed for. I couldn't have been happier with your service and I have recommended ResumeCorner.com to my therapist who will be recommending your site to her clients! Thank you so much! Investing the time and money with ResumeCorner.com was a well-deserved investment towards my career." - Julie Flachs, MA

"I would like to say thank you. You did such a wonderful job with my resume. I was able to secure a job that pays $15,000 more a year than my current position. I am very excited and thankful for your efforts." - Anthony Horton, HR Manager, CA

"I'm in shock! TWO DAYS after I sent off my first resume (I submitted it online), I got a phone call. I have an interview with the company tomorrow! Yikes. I wasn't quite prepared for things to move this quickly!! Just thought you should know. I'll keep you posted."Update (the following day): Got the job! I'm starting next week!!! I'm still in shock... - Jennifer Dyer, CA

"I just wanted to thank you again for your help with my resume. I have just been offered an amazing job with National City Bank--the very difficult job I was trying to get! From what I understand, after a resume is received, it takes 2 weeks for a pre-screening session with Human Resources and then two weeks to get an actual interview with the VP. So that you know, the VP called me the NEXT day he received my resume and asked me to come in and speak with him the following day. I bypassed all the B.S. and got in immediately. You have done such a wonder job for me, and I wanted to let you know that with your assistance, my quality of life has just improved immensely!! I wish you all the very best of everything and thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!"

- Adrienne Randol, OH

"You are welcome for the referrals. I have secured a Position in the East Bay area of CA. I cannot tell you how effective my resume was in the job search. There was not an interviewer, headhunter, or recruiter who did not comment on how impressive the resume was. I posted the resume on Monster, which is where I was contacted for this position; I received so many responses. Thank you for all your good work. I tell everyone how important it is to have a professional put your resume together. I think you are the best there is. This was the best money I have spent in my Career. The position I received was an offer beyond my wildest dreams, and they told me that it was because of the experience that my resume showed. That was because of your hard work." - Kathy Loomer, TX

"I thought I'd let you know that I received a phone call last night to interview for a position as executive director of a state-wide women's non-profit organization. It was this job that prompted me to have my resume professionally written. I know it was your work on my resume that got me the interview!"
- Elizabeth Randoll, PA

"Thank you so much for the help on my resume. I found a new job. Actually, I got 2 offers almost at the same time and it's really hard to reject another one. I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy I used your service and asked for your help on my resume--which was indeed a great investment and was worth every penny. It was your resume that brought me interviews and ultimately the job. Thanks so much again." - Yafei Liu, VA
P.S. I gave my colleagues your contact info; you may receive some calls in future....

"You did a resume for me a few months ago, and I just wanted to let you know that I got an overwhelming response to it. The new resume made all the difference in my job search, and I wanted to thank you for your solid effort. I'll be recommending your services." - Chad Glenn, CA

"I've been getting a very good response from this resume, and I am convinced it has been a help to me."
- Kelli Jennings, MO

"The resume looks great. You did an outstanding job."
- Darren Taylor

"This is excellent ... thank you so much ... my daughter thinks it is outstanding and is very impressed ... you are wonderful ... this is great work" - Sandra Hollingsworth, NY

"WOW!!!---is what came to mind when I read my resume. Rarely am I left speechless, but I was in this case. I want to say thank you because what I read forced me (of which I am glad) to see myself as an HR professional and made me feel confident I am more than qualified to do the job ... you did a SUPERB job!!!"
- Sandra Mathurin

"The resume worked perfect and I was nearly I hired on the spot , but I had second interview and then I was hired on the spot. I got the job I dreamed of and I only have to drive 7 minutes. Thanks again for everything you did to help." - Kristine Robinson

"Wow! You guys really do unbelievable work... Thank you!" - Cara Gardner

"Found a good job through Monster. Thank you for your help." - Nadia Sherif

"I have three interviews lined up this week! Great work!" - Cydania P. Waymer

"Nice job! I am pleased with the results ... well worth the investment." - Tom Bell

"This resume is awesome!! This is more than worth my money." - Christopher Everett

"Thank you again for all your wonderful work. I can't tell you how many compliments I receive on my resume."
- Elizabeth Randoll, PA

"The resume and cover letter look outstanding. I am thrilled with your work! I almost selected another firm (for double the price), however, I now realize they couldn't have done a better job; I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE! I will definitely recommend ResumeCorner.com to others. Thanks again." - Christine Clifford, Bank Vice President, Maryland

"Thank you for not only being a great resume writer, but for also being such a caring and sincere person. I will let you know how the hunt goes." - Laura Evig

"My Goodness -- It's flawless! It's absolutely perfect! I am so happy I trusted my future with a professional such as yourself -- just look at what you have produced! You truly have a knack for writing resumes and cover letters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for investing your time and effort in my resume. Its phenomenal! - Margaret Vimmerstedt, San Clemente, California

"The resume looks FANTASTIC! Heck, I'd hire me. Thanks for the outstanding job. I really appreciate it."
- David Norquist, North Dakota

"Thank you very much for your help. I am so happy with my resume! It looks very professional. I am very optimistic of getting a very good job." - Maria Victoria Betancur, New York

"I received the job resume and cover letter you sent me. I am very impressed...Thank you so much for all your help!" - Leslie Ramos, Colorado

"The best job resume I ever had. I never realized what a great resume could do for me. I got a great job even though I do not have a lot of work experience." - Georgia Wolske, California

"Thanks, I am very pleased with the resume and cover letter." - Charmaine Forbes, Georgia

"Thank you for your speedy turnaround. I am very satisfied with your finished product and outstanding customer service." - Mosetta Palmer, Georgia

"Everything looks great. Thank you for the quick response and hard work." - Jason Grey, Virginia

"I was very impressed with the way my resume was laid out and written." - Fred Malczuk, New Jersey

"The resume looks great." - Teri Oden, Florida

"You will be a hit in this business says me! I could not believe how good I looked on the resume, I wanted to hire myself." - Monika Khurana, India






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